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The Original Wallet Pen

Handmade sterling silver.

Each pen is made in the lakeside town of Charlotte, Vermont with 32 steps, two hands, and simple machines.

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"I Love You" engraved for $10 through Fathers Day
It's been more than twenty years since I got my first Wallet Pen. I've gone through quite a few - not lost but given away to friends and just casually to people who impressed me in some way or other. The key to the pens' success comes from way back in my Navy days when I was told that a proper naval officer is never caught without a knife and a writing instrument. In the pre-TSA days the pocket knife was never a problem but a pen? I always ran into problems with leaking pens and pencils did't cut it. Then came the Wallet Pen. Wow! And the TSA doesn't care! I'm never caught without my little silver pocket knife (except on planes) and my Wallet Pen and I'm never at a loss to write down something quickly and easily. Thank you Wallet Pen! JLH 7/15

Love my wallet pen thank you for the BEST ! BH-12/6/14
Handmade in our Vermont shop - The Adirondack & Original Wallet Pen - Now back in stock
The Adirondack is back in stock... Wallet Pens fit nearly every wallet. Length 3-1/8 " (78mm), Diameter 5mm Upper Barrel / 4mm Lower Barrel
The Original Wallet Pen
Our Sterling Hallmark
Delicious detail
Everyday, Always there.

Now You'll Always Have a Pen!

My pen is not just a pen,
it is a key,which makes life easier;
better somehow.
It will convey numbers,
locations and solutions,
grocery lists, stock tips and inspiration.
It is a sterling symbol of preparedness. $75, I'd Like one now...

A burnished old friend - it takes all kinds
The Adirondack

The Adirondack

You will see it as a grown-up hall-pass in the corridors of distinction. Mundane chit chat will morph to enlightened conversation. Turn your signature into an autograph — It is so much more than a pen. $75 - Yes please

Oprah's Favorite Thing
Wallet Pens fit nearly every wallet. Length 3-1/8 " (78mm), Diameter 5mm Upper Barrel / 4mm Lower Barrel

Oprah knows!

Featured on Oprah's O List in 2006, Our STERLING SILVER WALLET PEN clips into the fold of your wallet, checkbook, or purse; It's art, you can use! We are thrilled to have been chosen as one of Oprah's favorite things. The Wallet Penâ is a:

  • Special thank you gift for a great employee or friend

  • Stocking Stuffer

  • Birthday Surprise

  • Graduation or anniversary keepsake to be used every day...

The Wallet Pen glides through airport security. (Usually in the tray; in your wallet). You'll always have a pen!

2015 anachronism - You are on the road with friends, an unfamiliar city. Gathered around a phone booth getting directions to this fabulous Italian restaurant, no one has a pen. (How about - You've made it by now..you are paying the check?)

You smile, out comes The Wallet Pen! The food is truly remarkable.

Make the Wallet Pen yours...
One or One Hundred...


is a special option with the Original Wallet Pen.

I Love you
Your pet peeve
Your Company
Your Wedding
Your Valentine
You, or Mom. For engraving, We use Mace Engraver's of Burlington. Gary and Harriet have been in the business for 32 years. Hobie the border terrier greets me at the door and Harriet always has the sterling bowl on the mantel filled with bite sized chocolate temptations, damn.

The Adirondack — Timeless.

Our newest Sterling Silver pen carries forward our tradition of simplicity and elegance. Many are surprised to learn that each pen is made by hand here in Charlotte, Vermont. When you have our pen, answers are at hand. It's a daily treat to capture the moment with your wallet pen. You've got the directions, the number and the inspiration. $75 Buy one today

(Due to design relief on the upper barrel, the Adirondack is not engravable)

Already gift wrapped
The Original arrives in a Blue wrap, the Adirondack Green Wrap

The Original Wallet Pen —

Understated Sophistication.

Our random Bright box colors are fun to give. The Blue sleeve denotes the Original and the Green sleeve comes on the Adirondack package. Included in each box are pen operation instructions and a spare refill. The Original Wallet Pen - $75. Engraving is available on the Original at an additional charge of $15. By one, two, three - Me, Dad, Mom...

National Geographic Testimonial

The Wallet Pen makes The O List (Oprah's favs)

I've carried one of your Wallet Pens with me since I first discovered them, could it be 15 years ago... or more? As a documentary producer for National Geographic, Discovery, PBS, ESPN and others,I've carried your Wallet Pen to 65 countries, on hundreds of expeditions, assignments and vacations. I value my Wallet Pen so much that in all those travels, I've lost only one. My current one is easily 10+ Years old and still in great shape. Great design certainly holds its own. I always carry a notebook in my wallet and your pen has filled several hundred with personal travel notes and experiences. Many great memories, names, places and addresses would have been lost to the flood of experiences that overwhelms us all when we travel if not for my ever-ready Wallet Pen.

So , from a traveling journalist, thank you for designing one of my most valued travel essentials.

Bob Visty, Manhattan Beach California 2008

The Wallet Pen makes gift giving easy!

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